Podcasts I've Been On

Transparency Podcast by Gender Dysphoria Alliance:

Calmversations with Benjamin Boyce:

Heterodorx podcast by Corrina Cohn and Nina Paley:

Our Voices podcast by Our Path:

Smeth's Stream:

Men Like Us Podcast by Chris Patterson:

LGBT Damage Control by Arielle Scarcella:

Body Politics podcast by Technosocial Institute:

Awake at the Wheel by Oren Amitay and Malini Ondrovcik:

Cordial Curiosity by Reid Nicewonder:

BROADview by Lisa Selin Davis:

The Umbrella Hour Podcast, hosted by Dr. An Goldbauer & Zander Keig, LCSW:

Fabian Liberty:

You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist Podcast by Stephanie Winn:

Dangerous Rhetoric Podcast:

The Radical Center by Leslie Elliott:

A Civil Dialogue about Autogynephilia, with Phil Illy & Shannon Thrace

Cut The Bull! Podcast by Charles Love and Wilfred Reilly: